Friday, February 1, 2013

4 Helpful Hints on How to Find a Guy for a Relationship

Want to know how to find a guy for a relationship? Are you sick of being single and want to experience the thrills of falling in love again? If you're trying to find a boyfriend then here are a few tips you need to consider.
1. Be realistic in your expectations
When it comes to "how to find a guy for a relationship," you need to figure out what you're looking for. You might say that you want someone who is super rich, very handsome, a Harvard graduate, etc. But don't you think you're being a bit superficial? Do you really need this kind of man because it seems nearly impossible to find perfection? Instead of looking for a drop-dead gorgeous guy, a guy with a fat wallet, perhaps you should be realistic and look for someone with a loving heart and a guy you can rely on.
2. Be nice
It won't kill you to be kind to the men you meet. Give them compliments and gracefully accept them when they're given to you. Even if you're not really interested in that person that you're talking to, you should still be friendly and inviting. Being nice will make people like you and that's a plus if you're trying to get a man's attention.
3. Don't talk about your ex
When you're on a date with a guy you better ditch the ex talk or you're going to ruin the moment. Some women have this desire to talk about their ex boyfriend but it's actually a bad idea. If your ex was amazing and you go on and on about him then your date might feel a little insecure and think that he doesn't measure up. On the other hand, if you badmouth your ex then your date might think that you're talking about him the same way.
4. Don't get stuck in a routine
It's easy to be stuck in a routine. You get up, you go to work, you come home, you eat, you sleep then the whole thing starts all over again the next day. But how will you meet anybody if you're stuck in that routine? This will run you down and you'll be less interested in looking for a man or being looked at. You need to break out of this routine and start going out whether if it's to go to a movie, a new restaurant, workout, and just get out of the house. Sometimes it's better to go alone because women in groups can be a bit intimidating to a man and when you're alone, then he'll only see you and he'll feel more comfortable in approaching you.
How to find a guy for a relationship? Just be sure that you are realistic and know what you are looking for. You need to get out there and start going to certain places because he's not going to find you if you're always stuck at home. Don't forget to mind your manners when you're with a guy and don't make him feel uncomfortable by talking about your ex.
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How To Get Him To Propose - Learn The Reliable Tip To Obtain His Devotion And Commitment To You

If you are itching to know how to get him to propose, you must be getting stressed out about how he really feels for you. It is really not as if you had just started out on this romance with your guy, however, you are unsure about the reasons as to why he always appears to be evading the topic every time you drop the hint about getting married.

You are so afraid of getting quizzed by your family concerning your possible matrimony that you simply started keeping away from family gatherings. This bottled-up feeling is making you feel like you might blow up any time soon, and so you are desperately wanting an approach in which you can make him ask the big question.

If this particular scenario appears to be familiar to you, then ensure that you study the following tips with great attention.

What you must not do!

Prior to giving you a little gem that will make him desire to commit to you, you must first learn about what you must never do to him. Many ladies who are eager and impatient in getting their boyfriends to marry them may tend to utilize this technique to trap them, but the sad point is, it will most often end up in disaster!

What I am referring to is a marriage ultimatum! This is one method that you must never use under any circumstances! That is, in truth, the easiest method to a marriage destruction! This is mainly because it will only make your boyfriend feel trapped and so he would rather end the relationship than end up being forced into marrying you. He still adores you but he is not yet prepared for this kind of big commitment and also responsibility.

Hence, be ready to leave the relationship if you decide to issue him an ultimatum! That being said, in case you are really exhausted by being in a relationship that is just like a journey with no end in view, then by all means utilize this approach.

However, you have to bear in mind that you need to be ready to end the relationship and walk away should he make the decision to give you a unfavorable response because you have to keep your promise. You will only lose your credibility in the relationship should you stay with him after he had answered that he will not marry you despite the ultimatum you had given.

Vital tips on how to make him commit to you voluntarily and without you being too aggressive!

Is waiting forever the only answer to your trouble? Absolutely not! The simplest way is to gain his faith in you and get him to desire to marry you willingly, instead of being pushed into it.

To gain his trust, you have to first be a good friend and a really good listener. Simply be yourself and make him feel relaxed when he is in your company. When he believes that you are truthful and is his strong supporter, he will want to devote his whole life devoid of other women except you!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Get a Man Interested - And Keep Him There

You see a man you're attracted to across a crowded room. He's dressed well, he's attractive, and he's talking to some people who look interesting. How do you approach him? How do you get him to want to approach you? And more importantly, what kind of first impression are you capable of making on this man so that he'll want to see you again? If you're tired of wondering how to get guys to notice you, read on for some great tips on how to draw more attention to yourself.

It's Not About Your Looks... Entirely
All women have insecurities about their appearance. Even the most beautiful supermodels hate their big toe, uneven ears or the way their hips fit in a dress. The thing you have to remember is that everybody is attracted to something different. There is no epitome of beauty in the human form. Is every guy you're attracted to a carbon copy of the last? Probably not. Men are the same way - they are attracted to all kinds of different women, so don't blame your lack of dates on not being a cookie-cutter model type.

Stand Tall
More important than your physical beauty is the way you own it. Practice good posture, dress yourself appropriately, accentuate your strongest features. The reason for this is not to emphasize your physical appearance to a man, but to emphasize it to YOU. If you feel confident in the way you stand, the way you walk and what you are wearing, you will become more attractive to men. Confidence is the sexiest attribute in any woman. A guy can spot a confidant woman from across the room. He will take notice, and he will approach her because that is what is attractive.

If you are the kind of woman who is extremely insecure, it is important to learn to deal with those feelings on your own. Not only will you become a better person for it, you will gradually become more attractive to those around you. Do not complain about your appearance or point out your flaws to men you are attracted to. Concerned about a birthmark on your shoulder? Chances are he never would have noticed it unless you pointed it out.

Don't Give It All Away
The last thing to remember in attracting a man is that you want to keep him interested on the second date! Don't give him everything up front. Keep a little bit of your personality veiled so that he can learn about you as you go. It's always good to leave a man wanting more. Men love the challenge of chasing a woman - let him chase you!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do Men Want Their Women To Be One Of The Guys?

Is Being One of the Guys Hot or Not?

Being considered "one of the guys" could be one of the best things that could happen to a man besides sex while in a relationship!

Men are more attracted to women who are down to earth. Regular women just don't cut it anymore with men and as a matter of fact, they can find regular women boring and simple minded.

Men find it sexy when a woman can get down and dirty regardless to whether it's playing flag football with his friends or helping out in the yard. This is not only impressive to his buddies, but it makes him proud when friends envy the fact that he has a woman who's like one of the boys.

Surely as a woman you will still keep your sexiness by being a womanly, but when you share in doing "guy things" it benefits the relationship between you and your guy.

How? Guys are known to dislike doing things with women because; it is not always considered manly to do them. What the hell would his boys think if they found out he was doing girly things?

But, if a woman does guy things with her man the chances are great for a man to reciprocate; even going shopping! He might even hold your purse while he's at it!

Don't believe it? You should try it! A man will invite an outgoing woman to share in his interests and even spend time around his friends. On the other hand, if you're just too feminine to roll up your sleeves or break a nail and would rather sit around looking bored to death, chances are you will not get many invites.

Get Involved For More Quality Time

If you want quality time with your guy, get involved in what he likes. But don't push yourself on him. He may see this as trying to invade his space. Approach it with caution and good intentions and he'll be cool with it. You'd be surprised as to how much a man will invite you to do, if you show that you can hang.

When he asks just try to show genuine interest. Think of it as an experiment with his world being your own private laboratory. Trust me, there is nothing like learning about a guy in his natural environment.

Have you ever seen that one couple that goes out bowling together?

Of course bowling is not just a man's sport, but men enjoy when their women are competitive with them in any sport. They find it very sexy and attractive.

Being one of the guys seems to come to some women naturally. Simply put, a lot of the time it is because they love doing things other than what women do and enjoy exploring new horizons.

You genuinely and honestly enjoy what you do with your man, otherwise it wouldn't work. You have to be just that, "one of the guys" to make things work for you both.

Forget about your manicure or pedicure being damaged by going out on a river raft kayaking or playing a simple one on one basketball game to stay active with your man; just do it.

Men love a woman who is just like one of the guys, it's a major plus! You have a girlfriend, wife, and best friend all wrapped up into one.

You cannot beat that at all and the benefits of him spending time with you are endless. What do you have to loose? Absolutely nothing! If anything you have a lot to gain from being one of the guys.

So the next time you see him alone in the garage working under his car throw on some old fitted jeans and an old t-shirt and slide under the car with him... watch the magic work!

Don't get me wrong, being one of the guys is cool, but he will still want you as the woman you are. Having and enjoying the same interests are exciting to any man.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Divorced Men: Datable or Dangerous?

You've met a man who intrigues you. You find him attractive and personable and would like to date him. But then you discover that he was married and that divorce happened only recently. What do you do? Should you take this divorce into consideration when deciding whether or not to date him? Are you concerned that he may not be emotionally stable enough to start a relationship with a new woman? There are a few things to consider before dating a guy who just got out of a marriage.
What you should do immediately is weigh how much you like this guy against the risks of dating a man who just got divorced. Is he just someone you find physically appealing or is there a deeper attraction? Are there any up-front warning signs that he may possess characteristics you don't like in a person? If you feel that he is really worth pursuing, then it is time to take a look at the gravity of a marriage breaking up. He may be deeply hurt by the dissolution of his last relationship, and that hurt can easily translate into the relationship you want to begin with him.
You also have to understand that ending a marriage is a lot different than ending a relationship, even a long-term one. Dissolving a marriage involves legal battles, finances, alimony and a lot of hurt feelings. He may or may not be over his ex-wife romantically, but there is a good chance that she will still be involved in his life long after the marriage has officially ended. This is especially true if the couple had children together.
If there are kids involved, the ex-wife will always be a part of your lives because of those children, and it is unrealistic of you to expect otherwise. Can you handle the fact that he will need to talk to and see his ex on a regular basis? If you're prone to jealousy, this could be a very difficult situation for you. Will you be able to treat this woman with respect and kindness in front of their children? He will expect you to.
Another thing to think about is what he is and is not expecting from the relationship he is going to embark upon with you. Divorce is a big step; do you really believe that he is looking to enter into another long-term relationship right off the bat? Even if he says he is, do you think that is what is in his heart? Rebound relationships are common, so be aware that whether he intends it or not, you may just be a fling to get him back in the game. You should also keep in mind that he is probably not likely to pursue a marriage again any time soon, so if that is what you are looking for it may be best to take a step back and examine your options.
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finding a Man Who Is Financially Secure

Do you fantasize about living life with a great man in the lap of luxury? Do you refuse to settle for a boyfriend or husband who cannot care for you financially? Of course, any woman would love to meet a young, wealthy guy who can provide for her. But will material possessions really make you happy? It takes more than a big paycheck to guarantee a successful, fulfilling relationship. If your heart is set on picking a man who is financially secure, there are ways it can be done. Just be aware that money isn't everything!

Location, Location, Location

If you're a bar-hopper, try relocating your man hunting efforts to a different area of town. Frequent upscale bars and clubs instead of divey places or sports bars. If you're looking to meet affluent young men, you should be hanging out a places they are likely to be spending money! The best part about looking for a potential beau in a bar or nightclub is that he is very likely to be with his friends or coworkers, who are also likely to be wealthy or at least financially secure. You'll be able to take your pick of the litter!

The Internet

We live in an amazing time period, where information is constantly at your fingertips. From Google to the iPhone to GPS systems, technology is constantly advancing and making our lives richer and easier. Why not take to the Web to meet a suitable bachelor? There are hundreds of dating sites out there, and several in particular cater to women who are looking to meet an affluent male, whether it is for a "sugar daddy" style relationship or something deeper. If you're having trouble meeting guys who have their finances in order, the Internet may be the answer you have been looking for.

Open Your Eyes

Examine your own life. The man who is always in line in front of you at the coffee shop - could he be an attorney who is quite well off? Your neighbor who just bought the building next door - is he cute? Not every rich guy flaunts his wealth at every turn. Look a little deeper and you just find a guy who can really take care of you.

Finding a man who is the total package - money, looks and personality is never easy. If you're willing to bend your standards a little, however, you have a better chance of landing a guy who will be happy to support you.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why Does a Single Guy Find Dating a Married Woman Sexy?

What will drive a single guy to even consider dating a married woman? For single women, this may sound unimaginable but some men actually do. And here are some of the reasons why they find married women sexy.

Married women do not look for commitment.

It is no secret that some single guys have a fear of commitment. When they get into a relationship, it is either for convenience or to fulfill their sexual needs. Not everyone is looking to tie the knot anytime soon. They like to be out there, live, act freely and unleash their sexual desires without any restraint. And this is exactly what they are bound to get when they date married women.

Married women are already committed. Most of them who seek the services of a dating site for married people are merely seeking sexual adventure. They may be bored from their marriage but they have no plans of leaving their husbands. And this is a simple arrangements there are online dating sites that can help them meet other men and most of them are single and younger.

With married women, single men do not have to be pressured into doing anything more than performing in bed. Nothing else is expected of them. It gives these men a sigh of relief. This is also the most apparent reason why they would rather visit online dating for married people than for the singles who are dominated by women hungry for commitment.

Married women know what they want.

One of the things that men complain about single women is that they are usually fickle minded. They may want one thing today and prefer another in the next. A lot of guys get into trouble when they ask single women for sexual favors. In the beginning, the single woman may agree of the sexual relationship but along the way, the woman may get attached and it ruins everything.

Single men do not want to take this risk. So, they would rather run in the arms of married women who know exactly what it is they want. But then again, not all married women are the same. Some of them may also end up falling deeper into the affair than they originally intended.

These women are more challenging.

Single men do not want to take the risk of getting into a purely sexual relationship with a single woman who may end up wanting from them more than is initially agreed upon. However, they like the challenge of pursuing and dating a married woman because she presents a challenge. She is technically unavailable and the fact that men can work to get his way to her may be a risk, but something they are willing to take for sexual satisfaction.

Some single guys are simply takers.

Men in general, put their pride first. This is why it is extremely hurtful to their ego if they find they have been cheated on. However, this does not stop some from cheating with other people. A single man who is dating a married woman likes the idea of having outsmarted another man.